Viki King

Best-selling author and  film consultant Viki King is a leading advisor to luminaries in the  entertainment industry. Known for her warmth, and humor she appears  often on CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, as well as in hundreds of radio interviews.  She has quick, insightful answers for people’s everyday dilemmas.

In her years of experience in Hollywood, Viki developed The Inner  Movie Method, an ingenious process to create films; with its success she  crossed the method over to utilize on any life issues.  The Inner  Answer Method addresses concerns of health, weight, money, love, any  stuck area to your deepest desires.

She conducts seminars and delivers keynote speeches worldwide and has  been credited with guiding her audiences to greater personal awareness  and growth with such topics as:

  • Healing the Hollywood Heart – Why You Want to Be Rich and Famous and What to Do About It.
  • From Surviving to Thriving – The Inner Money Method
  • Beyond Visualization – Feel It In Your Heart Have it In Your Life
  • Calling All Goddesses – It’s Our Turn

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Kathryn Linehan

Kathryn "Kat" Linehan is a documentary film producer, media consultant, meditation facilitator, and avid observer of birds in fluid formation. 

In life and work, her guiding principles come from her great passions: nature and cinematography. Her personal practice of prayer and meditation was sparked by observing light below the ocean’s surface. She believes that just as in film, “the best light is that which is taken away,” guiding others to the peace within requires restraint and a gentle touch. In her two decades of teaching meditation, she’s discovered that spiritual transformation is like sensing the energy of a cresting wave and  diving straight through. 

Kathryn's passion is to inspire tranquility and help clients develop their full potential. As a health innovator, Kathryn works with medical professionals and their clients to create customized health programs. She is the creator of FORM®, an integrated approach for whole body health. Over the past decade, she has trained hundreds of clients at the Slow FORM fitness studios in Malibu. Research with both Sports Medicine and Psychology faculty shows that her FORM programs increase empathy, cognitive function, and positive body image. 

Her professional life also includes establishing Mellon Bank within the film, television, and music industries where she became a trusted advisor to entertainment industry executives and talent. She continues to network and bring people together with projects for the Red Cross and other services provided by nonprofit organizations that unite and uplift.

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